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Dive Into the New Age of Composite Lighting 

Frequently Asked Questions 

We also have a product information sheet that you may find here

What is LamLight?

LamLight is an innovative technology that allies Composite, Fiber Optics and Electricity safely. Merging the technologies of Kanvaslight & CoCure (2 awarded innovations), LamLight is the first composite that lights up. Either integrated in pools, spas, boats or RVs, LamLight is a low energy system that will give life to any structure. Used as a design element or integrated for functional lighting, LamLight fits complex structures and geometries to bring new functionalities where is was never possible before. White or color lighting, Lamlight follows your ambiance.

What are the applications of LamLight?

LamLight can be used to light up structures or serve as  a replacement for LED lighting. In future applications, LamLight can be applied to life jackets, signs, and can even be placed on boats and other forms of infrastructure. The possibilities are endless for using LamLight.

Is Lamlight offered in different dimensions?

Our product will be developed based on customer needs and will be dimensioned according to what the customer asks for. 

What are CoCure and Kanvaslight?

CoCure was selected by the U.S. Navy for their advanced combat crafts. This same technology is now available for recreational lighting solutions. It has a 90% improvement for gloss and glass retention, 40% improvement on abrasion resistance, and 100% improvement in impact resistance. KanvasLight is an illuminated fabric that weaves optical fibers into fabric and uses a light injector to light up these treated optical fibers, functioning as a replacement for LED lighting.

Is LamLight safe?

LamLight is very safe as it has a variety of safety features. With built-in thermoregulation and no electricity flowing through the composite, LamLight can safely be integrated into any composite structure.  

Does the composite generate heat?

Since the LamLight composite is only illuminated by using light transportation, there is nothing within the composite that would generate any heat. The light engine will heat up but has built-in safety features to keep it from overheating or causing damage. 

Does LamLight come in a variety of colors?

LamLight uses a clear resin to laminate the illuminating fabric that uses white polyester and clear optical fibers. With these parameters, the light injector can change the color of the light it shines making LamLight able to be in a variety of colors. The clear resin and white polyester give the best result for illumination and color changing. 

How much power do I need to power LamLight?

For the light engine, you would need less than 30W to operate. We provided a chart for the details of the light injector here:

Screenshot 2022-09-12 072641.png

Is LamLight flexible?

Even though LamLight is a solid panel, it still has flexibility. Be warned, LamLight cannot be folded or rolled too tightly. This can damage the resin and the optical fibers in the LamLight composite. 

Is LamLight Waterproof?

The light engine has a waterproof rating of IP65. The composite is a laminating fabric so it is completely waterproof. We actually have many images of the composite completely submerged in a water tank as well if you need further reference for its waterproof rating. You can see some of these in out gallery on the home page. 


Is LamLight safe to touch?

As the composite itself does not generate heat or heat up for the light, LamLight is safe to be touched while on. 

Will LamLight hurt my eyes?

Staring directly into any light for a long period of time could cause damage to your eyes. With LamLight, the composite will shine a nonaggressive light so it is actually safe to look at. The light engine, staring into the light that it shines without the composite can cause eye damage. 

How do I know if my controller will work with LamLight?

The light engine for LamLight is compatible with NMEA 2000 controllers as well as having bluetooth connectivity with your phone.

Would it be possible to have a custom light injector made?

For custom jobs reach out to us directly. We would be able to help you and work with you in the creation of any custom jobs. 

Will Lamlight weigh down my products?

The composite of LamLight is actually lightweight, weighing less than a pound as does the light injector. If LamLight will weigh down the product you are manufacturing is entirely up to what product you are making. 

Do I need heavy machinery to install LamLight?

Heavy machinery will not be necessary. LamLight does not alter the mechanical make-up of your manufactured product but adds to it. If you have never worked with composites before and are nervous for the integration process, we would recommend reaching out as we will be able to assist you with your integrations. 

Am I able to dim the light?

The light engine is dimmable amongst other features as well such as having a waterproof rating of IP65. We have the main specifications in a chart.

Screenshot 2022-09-12 072641.png
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