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LamLight - Composites got brighter

Collaboration with Guardtex and Structural Composites Inc. is Bringing the Newest and Brightest Composite on the Market

LamLight, a revolutionary take on lighting solutions, combines the textile expertise of Guardtex and the innovative creation of Structural Composites' resin, CoCure. It creates a composite that brings light to any rigid structure. The first light-emitting composite material is LamLight, a combination of Kanvaslight, an illuminating fabric, and Co-Cure, a hybrid polymer resin. Whether you need a functional or aesthetic light for your composite structures, LamLight is the perfect solution.

LamLight is a two-component system built with an electronic and a composite. LamLight uses light transportation to light the composite. By using light transportation, LamLight is the perfect LED replacement. With the optical fibers woven throughout the composite, electricity does not flow through the composite, only through the light injector, making LamLight the ideal lighting solution in terms of safety. Once the electronic is plugged into a power source, the light injector shines a powerful light; through a patented optical coupling, the light can then be diffused into the various optical fibers of the composite. The optical fibers are treated to allow light to leak out, giving you a very uniform and smooth lighting effect.

LamLight can seamlessly integrate into a structure, unlike other light-emitting materials, without altering its mechanical properties. This allows it to be used in various industries such as boats, pools, aeronautics, and more. Guardtex was able to centralize all the light injectors in one area using optical wires. We developed optical cables to transport the light between the light injector and the composite with minimum light losses to integrate the electronic device further away from the illuminating composite. No electricity flows into the optical wires, only light. The Optical wire allows all the electricity to be in one specified electrical location, and the lighting composite can be implemented wherever light is needed. Structural Composites, Co-Cure is a resin that is a hybrid of a flexible polyurethane network and a UPR rigid cured network. Co-Cure is highly compatible with Kanvaslight illuminating fabric as a resin, making the LamLight composite. Co-Cure provides the best light transmission ratio while keeping the composite flexible and resistant. With Co-Cure, a boat manufacturer can reduce the boat's weight while improving its mechanical performance. Co-Cure can double the life expectancy of products as a resin for composites.

We have expertise in various engineering fields between Guardtex and Structural Composites Inc. Because of the multitude of experts, we can assist you with various custom projects. We can assist with electronics, composite integration, process adaptation, industrialization, and customization and design suggestions.

About Structural Composites. Structural Composites, Inc. (SC) is a Composites Company (TCC) division, one of the nation’s leading composites technology development firms. TCC has three divisions: Structural Composites Inc., Compsys Inc., and Composites Intellectual Holdings Inc. Structural Composites was founded in 1987 and has developed a proven track record of innovation and service in the composites industry. Over the years, we have expanded our industry and technology base to include customers in the marine, aerospace, theme park, defense, and road and rail transportation industries.

About Guardtex. Guardtex is a high-tech textile solutions company based out of France with an American office in Tampa, Florida. Guardtex has been in the marine industry for over a decade and has made great strides in that industry due to their innovative ways of thinking, a prime example being the revolutionary Kanvaslight, the Illuminating Fabric. With Kanvaslight, Guardtex has been able to break out of the marine industry and enter many others such as RV, Outdoor, aerospace, interior design, and now including the space of composites with their partnership with Structural Composites Inc to create Lamlight.

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