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Two Components, One Product

The LamLight System

By uniting the expertise of Guardtex and Structural Composites Inc., LamLight uses the revolutionary CoCure resin and groundbreaking Kanvaslight Illuminating fabric. LamLight is a two component system, built with an electronic and a composite. LamLight uses light transportation to light the composite. By using light transportation, LamLight is the perfect LED replacement. By using the optical fibers woven throughout the composite, electricity does not flow through the composite. With the electricity only being in the light injector, LamLight is the ideal lighting solution in terms of safety. Once the electronic is plugged into a power source, the light injector shines a powerful light, diffused by a patented optical coupler, focusing the light into the optical fibers that are woven throughout the composite. The optical fibers are treated to allow light to leak out giving you a very uniform and smooth lighting effect. 

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Our Electronics

The light that travels throughout LamLight is possible due to the light injector electronic. The light injector is composed of a powerful RGBW LED and a patented optical coupler. Using less than 30W to operate, the light injector projects a non-aggressive yet powerful light that is diffused by the optical coupler, allowing the light to optimally travel through the optical fibers woven throughout the composite. Built with safety in mind, the light injector boasts a full internal water seal, protecting the electronic completely. Designed with ease in mind, both horizontal and vertical screw mounts were also incorporated making the light injector easily installed into a variety of places. 

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  • Full RGBW range with the ability to seamlessly fade between all colors

  • Shines a non-aggressive light

  • Designed specifically for the illuminating fabric within LamLight

  • Low power consumption

  • Utilizes a patented optical coupler (lens) to optimize light projection for the ideal light through the optical fibers

  • Waterproof Rating - IP65

  • Horizontal and vertical screw mounts

  • Modern and sleek design

Click below to see our Technical Document for the Light Injector and get more in depth information

Optical Wires

To integrate the electronic devices further away from the composite, we developed our optical wires. Optical wires allow you to centralize all the light injectors in one area with minimal light losses. Created using optical fibers, no electricity flows into the optical wires, only light. The optical wire allows all the electricity to be in one specified electrical location, and the lighting composite can be placed wherever light is needed.

optical Wires.png
To learn more on our electronics and the LamLight System, view our catalog.
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