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Giving light, Structure.

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Unprecedented Lighting. Impeccable Strength.

The composite is lightweight, solid, and now illuminating. CoCure has revolutionized and innovated the materials sector while Kanvaslight is currently revolutionizing the lighting sector. The combination of the two promises a new revolution called LamLight, the product of a fruitful cooperation between two players in the value chain.


Structural material becomes the light

With LamLight, bringing light safely into composite parts (structural, design or decorative) has never been possible. LamLight is designed to emphasize your branding, signage, or logos by making them functional or aesthetic lighting pieces. No electricity is involved in the composite, making LamLight safe to use in places that electricity could not be before.

  • Adapts to complex 3D surfaces.

  • No electricity in the structure.

  • No more need to drill the laminated parts, LamLight allows to preserve the mechanical properties while providing light

  • A white composite becomes colored at night.

  • LamLight is easily integrated for security applications.

  • Mirror surface finish

  • Insensitive to humidity, water, UV rays, temperature variations

  • Lighter than wood/steel/etc...

  • Sustainability

  • Flexibility in the freedom of tailor-made designs

  • Aesthetics

  • LamLight does not replace the elements used initially, it is added.


With LamLight, lighting has never been easier to have. Being a solid but flexible laminate panel, LamLight is able to be installed into a boat hull without changing the structural makeup of the hull. LamLight could be integrated into a pool, wall, flooring, or any other kind of laminate. Between Guardtex and Structural Composites Inc., we have expertise in many different engineering fields. Because of the multitude of experts, we are able to assist you with a variety of custom projects. We can assist in regards to the electronics (our light injectors and optical wires), with integrating composites, adapting the process in which your engineers integrate, industrialization, and of course we can provide customization and design suggestions. 

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Tell us your ideas and plans at the Get Started page

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For over a decade, Guardtex has been making high tech textile solutions. Having their hands in various different industires including Marine, RV, Overland and Outdoor, Aeronautics, and others, Guardtex has risen to being known for their quality and innovative creations. Specifically, their textile lighting solution Kanvaslight, The Illuminating Fabric. By using their expertise in textiles and combining that with fiber optics, Kanvaslight is a lighting solution that can be integrated into any textile, upholstery, flooring, and now with LamLight they've entered the composite space. 

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Founded in 1987, Structural Composites' mission is to develop, refine, and deploy game-changing material technology, and to provide a competitive benefit to their partners and customers. It's markets include aerospace, marine, rail, transportation, automotive, and infrastructure industries. Structural Composites is also the developer of CoCure, a resin that has been selected by the U.S. Navy for their advanced combat crafts.  CoCure allows a 90% improvement for gloss and glass retention, 40% improvement on abrasion resistance, and 100% improvement in impact resistance.

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