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Our Mission

With the marriage of Guardtex's high-tech textile lighting solution Kanvaslight, and Structural Composites' groundbreaking resin CoCure, LamLight was born. With LamLight, lighting can be integrated into any composite structure. Bringing the world its first ever composite lighting solution. 

Our Story

For over a decade Guardtex has been an industry leader, creating high tech textile solutions for the marine industry. Guardtex has branched out into other industries with their Kanvaslight, the Illuminating Fabric product, such as RV, outdoor, aeronautics, medical field, interior design, and many others. Kanvaslight had made such an impact within the marine industry that it earned an IBEX Innovation Award in 2021, garnering even more attention and truly cementing itself as an industry revolution.

Structural Composites Inc. has had a proven track record of being an innovative and integral part of the composite industry for almost 40 years. They have had great success in the marine, rail, transportation, and many other industries.  Their product of CoCure has been essential to many new and exciting projects for SCI. With CoCure, SCI has become partnered with the US Navy, providing the resin for their advanced combat crafts.

The marriage between Guardtex and Structural Composites came naturally. As two industry leaders, Guardtex with their high-tech textile solutions and Structural Composites with composites, it only made sense for them to collaborate. At IBEX 2021, Guardtex received an Innovation Award for their Kanvaslight product. That same year at CAMX, Structural Composites won the Combined Strength Award. From there, the two companies met and decided to combine their two revolutionary products, Kanvaslight and CoCure. 

The combination of Kanvaslight and CoCure brings the world its first ever composite lighting solution. By using the illuminating fabric of Kanvaslight and the CoCure resin,  LamLight was created. Through many trials, CoCure proved to be the ideal choice of laminate making Kanvaslight now have its composite counterpart, Lamlight. LamLight has multiple viable applications, being ideal for pools, hulls, aeronautics, and many other laminate settings.  


Our Services

Regarding LamLight, we do provide services to help companies with the integration process and their own personal projects. Guardtex would be able to assist with the electronic and with the lighting system while the coating and composite aspect of LamLight can be assisted by Structural Composites. We understand that the integration of composites can be difficult to begin so we offer assistance throughout the process. With LamLight, we can train your engineers on the integration process. Training would provide more ways for your company to integrate and use LamLight in house. We can also manufacture custom products that will have LamLight integrated, for example making . For these inquiries, please reach out to us on the Get Started page. 

As for Structural Composites and LamLight, they specialize in prototyping services within the aerospace, automobile, boating, and trucking industries. They specialize in design and analysis, resin and adhesive coating, fiber and textiles, CNC machining, automated ply cutting, composite prototyping, compression/injection molding, resin spray coating, hand layup, resin infusion, curing, and structural testing/characterization. Some of the test lab testing offered by Structural Composites are flatwise tensile strength, impact resistance, flexural strength, compression strength, and lap shearing. Any tests that cannot be conducted in the test lab is outsourced. For LamLight, we can provide all these services as well as teaching your engineers how to integrate LamLight and utilize the different ways of using the composite. In our testing lab we can also test integrations. For all of these inquiries, please reach out to us on the Get Started page. 

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